Tools used by janitors to clean offices and work buildings

Janitorial Services

Some janitors may offer different services than others, but generally, their tools are the same. Take a look at the tools used by professional cleaning services below.

In the common areas

Some office buildings are large areas. That’s why janitorial services use wheeled carts to get from one place to the other. The cart may contain tools like brooms, extra toilet paper, and disinfectant spray.

in the common areas, janitors usually sweep, disinfect, dust, and straighten up magazines, books, or other documents.

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In the common kitchen area

The common kitchen is where the employees of the company gather to prepare food and eat. Usually, a damp sanitized cloth will pick up any spills from the lunch day. A broom will pick up any crumbs and a mop will soak up any spills.

In the walkways

The walkways generally collect a lot of dust and dirt from the outside. That’s why janitors need to use a broom and dustpan and a vacuum to collect debris.

From time to time, a janitor will need to use a floor washer and floor buffer to pull up the hard stains and shoe skid marks.

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In the offices

A sanitized office is the name of the game here. Since this is where employees spend most of their time, these areas have to be sanitized properly so workers refrain from getting sick. Disinfectant spray will eliminate any germs and a cloth will wipe away the remaining particles.

Most janitors have a large trash bag for the trash in the small cans in the office. This waste will be taken to the dumpster at the end of the night.

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On the windows

Windows are expected to be squeaky-clean. To do this, janitors use:

  • A gallon bucket
  • Soap and water solution
  • A terry cloth
  • A window scrubber
  • A squeegee
  • A lint-free microfiber cloth

These tools ensure windows are streak-free and clean.

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cleaning windows

In the bathrooms

The bathroom needs extra caution because it’s a tricky area to clean. If it’s not properly disinfected, biohazards and germs can pass to employees in the office or the janitor cleaning. That’s why it’s best to use gloves, a mouth mask, and eye protection when cleaning bathrooms.

Janitors restock the bathroom facilities with toilet paper, hand-drying paper towels, and hand soap and sanitizer in the dispensers.

Regularly-used tools for the bathroom are a toilet plunger, a toilet brush, a cloth towel, and a sponge. These tools ensure everything is sanitized and cleaned properly.

In addition, they’ll have disinfectant spray or fluid that can be used to clean the toilets, sinks, and handles in the bathroom.

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