9 janitorial service cleaning tips for every office

There’s an art to cleaning the office: starting in the rooms with the most traffic to rooms with little use and starting from the top and working your way down are just two strategy tips.

For the janitorial service just starting out or the long-standing service that needs a fresh perspective, here are nine (9) janitorial tips for every office.

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Have a cleaning strategy

Going into a new workspace with a strategy not only helps make it easier but it also makes it faster. Having a checklist the client wants to have complete ensures all things are covered. Janitorial services should first focus on the areas that are used the most and then progress to lesser-used areas. These areas should be cleaned and left in excellent condition because of high foot traffic.

Be patient with floor care

Take your time with floor care. Mistakes can be noticeable if done incorrectly. Force yourself to take it slow and ensure it’s a job well-done.

In addition, the amount of pH floor cleaner you use matters, too. The most gentle is a 7 on the pH scale. Talk with your client to know what type of floor cleaner they prefer.

Install entryway mats

Having entryway mats will collect the dirt, debris, mud, and snow from shoes as people come into the building. Mats collect it before it ends up on the office floor, saving you cleaning time and effort!

Detail the walls

The walls can be easily overlooked, but they are just as important to the office as any other part of the building. Walls — especially white walls — can collect scuffs and markings. These marks generally draw in the eyes as a not-so-clean aspect. So, as a rule of thumb, touch up the walls so they’re clean and tidy.

Change up the routine, especially in the restroom

Generating cleaning habits is a good thing but be careful not to miss things. Looking at the office at a big picture scale every now and again will allow for a change in cleaning checklists. Look at cleaning habits about every six months to a year and make necessary changes.

The restrooms are especially susceptible to missed areas because it’s easy to form habits in this particular area. Adopt new technologies, products, and methods where appropriate and clean better the longer you’re with a client.

Clean electronics

Part of being a good janitorial service is taking extra care in eliminating germs in a workspace. Going over computers, phone handsets, and other electronic devices with a disinfectant cloth will eliminate germs that can cause sickness.


Conserve electricity

Janitors are the last ones to enter an office before the work area is left for the night and the last line of defense when it comes to conserving energy in the workplace. A janitorial service can use turn off electronics, fans, and other energy-sucking devices so electricity isn’t wasted all night.

Be chemical sensitive

Some workplaces don’t want janitorial services to use harsh chemicals when cleaning. For sensitive offices, use distilled white vinegar instead of bleach. This is best for fridge and other eating areas.

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Simple things matter, too

Sometimes it’s the little touches that matter the most. Cleaning floor scuffs, straightening magazines, and dusting window sills seem small, but people notice. Take a few extra seconds to clean these little areas to show that you care.

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