How to wash windows like a pro [techniques]

Cleaning your windows like a pro is easier than you think. If you have the right tools and proper technique, you’ll have them sparkling in no time. Here are the tools and 5 steps to washing your windows like a pro.

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Tools you need to wash windows like a pro:

1. Use a damp cloth to wipe the window frame

The window frame can collect dirt and dust on the outside and inside sills. A damp terry cloth can pick up most of the dust build-up and make the outer edges look sparkling clean, not dripping.

2. Soak the window scrubber

Immerse the window scrubber into the soap and water solution and let the fibers soak up the water. When it’s completely soaked, lift from the water and squeeze with your hand excess water so the fibers are left damp.

3. Wash the glass with a scrubber

Lift to scrub the glass with the scrubber. You’re not soaking the window with the water solution. Instead, you’re removing dust and dirt by scrubbing and wiping all areas of the glass.

Using too much water will douse the glass and make it harder for you to squeegee away the remaining soap and water solution.

4. Squeegee away the remaining water and dirt

There are two ways to clean a window with a squeegee:

Perpendicular technique

  • Dry the squeegee.
  • Loosely hold the squeegee at a horizontal angle starting at the top edge of the window.
  • Set the squeegee blade at a 30-degree angle on the window (you’ll know this by placing two fingers between the window and handle of the squeegee).
  • Slide the squeegee horizontally across the top of the window to the other side.
  • Dry squeegee with a lint-free towel and repeat until the glass is free of water.

PRO TIP: Follow the bottom edge of the squeegee with a towel to collect any dripping water.

Horizontal technique

  • Create a “dry edge” at the top of the window with either a towel or squeegee to prevent “rundowns” at the top edge of the window.
  • Set the squeegee at the very top of the window at the edge of the window and frame.
  • Starting at the top edge on either the right or left side, slide the squeegee down the window at a 30-degree angle to remove the soap and water solution.
  • Dry the squeegee with a lint-free microfiber towel and repeat until all the water is removed.

5. Dry the window with a microfiber cloth

Using a microfiber cloth, dry the remaining water from the window, sills, and frame for a streak-free shine.

Step by step in a video

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