Janitorial Services

What does a janitor do?

cleaning hand
Janitors clean and maintain office buildings by sanitizing, disinfecting, restocking, and picking up in common areas. Their main responsibility is to clean and disinfect, but they can assume further responsibilities (see below). The qualifications for a janitorial roleThe qualifications for a janitor tend to fall under a similar category as…

Tools used by janitors to clean offices and work buildings

janitor tools
Some janitors may offer different services than others, but generally, their tools are the same. Take a look at the tools used by professional cleaning services below. In the common areasSome office buildings are large areas. That’s why janitorial services use wheeled carts to get from one place to the…

Importance of Green Cleaning in Your Office Building

The movement of creating a cleaner space through the use of environmentally-friendly products has been growing over the past 20 years. Through the use of effective cleaning products that are less harmful to the environment, this practice has been adopted into the janitorial world. This oftentimes helps with boosting ratings…